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Introduction to our law office

Albany Court Attorneys Welcome You to Albany New York

Martin Kehoe & Associates,  P.C. is a general practice law firm that has successfully defended criminal accusations and prosecuted civil claims in a range of Albany courts, from the Albany City Court to handle an eviction to the Albany Police Court to defend against spurious criminal accusations to the Albany County Court for the successful defense of felony prosecutions. A Federal District Court is also located in Albany, NY. There, the issues of immigration status, civil rights litigation and a host of criminal charges are adjudicated. The lawyers at the firm also have experience in handling administrative proceedings.



Our firm is located at 2009 Western Avenue in Guilderland, NY. We primarily take cases in Albany and the Capital Region. We are minutes from most courthouses in the area.

Our Fees

Payment may be made on our secure payment page.

Our prices generally are:

$300 for a traffic ticket (anticipates client interview, one court appearance, request for driver abstract)

$750 for a misdemeanor case (anticipates client interview,  three court appearances, disclosure demands)

$3500 for a felony case (anticipates client interview, arraignment, representation before a grand jury)

*These fees may vary depending on the case.

Practice Areas 

Criminal Defense

Personal Injury

Traffic Matters