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Our attorneys have represented clients in criminal court for over twenty years in the Albany, NY area. For a review of your case, for bail arrangements to be made, and representation at the arraignment, trial and appeals contact us. We put the complicated workings of the legal system in everyday language. We will protect against our clients receiving excessive charges and dispute any lack of proof that exists. Each client has different needs and we provide personal service to meet those needs.

A simple way to classify the level of criminal charges is specified in the Criminal Procedure Law. Just determine if the charge is called a felony, misdemeanor or a violation. The process employed in defending a each level of charge is theoretically similar but, in practice, a wide  variety of factors are weighed to determine a criminal defense strategy.  The charges themselves are probably the most important factor. Next is the unwritten consideration of the character of the accused. For example, is the defendant a 17 year old high school student with no past criminal history or is the defendant a persistent felony offender with a long rap sheet?

These first two factors usually drive a plea bargain offer whereby the prosecutor may offer a plea to a lesser criminal or non-criminal charge or make promises with respect to sentencing in exchange for a waiver of various rights of the defendant i.e. the right to a jury trial, the right to appeal. Of course, if the defendant is completely innocent of the charged criminal conduct, investigation should be performed to gather the essential facts and preserve them in a fashion that is fit for a trial.

If the charges are serious bail must be considered. Your lawyer will be able to assist in directing the defendant and his family to a trusted local bail bondsman and formally request that the Court set bail. It has been our experience that in difficult cases, friends and family of the defendant may be very helpful at the bail hearing.  They can assist by offering letters of commendation to the Court, appear in a display of actual physical support for their loved one at the hearing and assist the attorney in developing the depth of information about a defendant that will quickly point to the appropriate strategy in defending the case.  The issue of bail is often raised when the defendant is arraigned and read the charges under which he stands accused. The arraignment is the first formal judicial act unless a warrant was previously sought.  This is the stage in the proceeding when bail is set. 

The possible issues in a "criminal prosecution" are limitless.  In just a few short minutes our attorneys  can evaluate the level of your charges and make a preliminary determination if you have a case that we would like to handle. A meeting can be arranged at our office or a local jail.  Contact us at your convenience.

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